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Wester is a district on the north side of Rousay, with a population of approximately 33.

Rousay Post Office provides postal services on Rousay. View our information page for the Rousay Post Office here.

The Loch of Wasbister is a loch featuring two 'crannogs' - ancient islands used as settlements during the Iron-Age, which can be found mostly in Ireland and Scotland. The term, 'crannog' derives from the Old and Middle Irish for 'tree'.

One of these tiny islands is Burrian. The other, which has a similar structure to Burrian yet is at the very edge of the loch, is Brettaness. The excavation of Brettaness in 1974 showed evidence of it of being inhabitied during Pictish occupation times, as well as the possible presence of a medieval chapel.

The Loch of Wasbister is known for its trout.


Bay of Saviskaill is a sandy beach where seals are prominent.


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