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Sourin is a district on the east side of Rousay, with a population of approximately 68.

'Sourin' comes from the term, 'sour land', a name given as the ground in this district was considered less fertile.

Sourin Brae is a road within Sourin, and is the longest, straightest, and highest road in Rousay. It starts at 42ft, and extends to 370ft.

James Leonard (Digro):

Firstly, a bit of his family history:

In the 1790s, Thomas Leonard, married Isabella Inkster. In 1798, their son, Peter, was born. By the time of Peter's death, in 1892, he had married Isobel McKinlay, with whom he had fathered ten children. One of their children, born in 1835, was called James. He, along with his family, lived at Digro.

Later in his life, James was elected chairman of the tenants' committee, which gave evidence against General Burroughs, the laird (or 'landowner') who owned most of Rousay, to Lord Napier, as well as the Royal Commission, when they came to Rousay, in order to discuss tenants' concerns. After hearing James expressing his and other local tenants' views, General Burroughs evicted James and another local man, James Grieve, along with their families.

On 18 August 2001, an inscribed, polished stone was erected, at the roadside near Digro. The stone was unveiled at a ceremony on Rousay, by two of James Leonard's great granddaughters; Christine and Rosemary. The idea of a stone was first mentioned to Rousay, Egilsay, and Wyre Community Council, by Robert C. Marwick, an exiled Rousay man, and author.

If you would like to read more about Rousay during the years 1840 and 1890, with particular reference to General Burroughs, William P. L. Thomson has written an excellent book, entitled 'The Little General and The Rousay Crofters'.

Marion's Shop is a grocery shop. View our information page for Marion's Shop here.

Faraclett Head Walk is a wonderful walk, featuring Yetnasteen.

Scockness and Lopness are two beaches within Sourin.


Rousay Community School provides primary education for children on Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre.
View our information page on Rousay Community School here.

The Healthy Living Centre forms part of the school building.
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Broland provides self-catering accommodation.
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Knarston also provides self-catering accommodation.
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The Church Centre is a building used for many clubs and events. View our information page on the Church Centre here, and the Triangle Club (a weekly lunch club for over-60s, held at the Church Centre) here.

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