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Rousay Community School

Rousay Community School

Rousay Community School, situated in Sourin, is a mixed primary school, providing education for children from Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre, aged from three years to twelve. The school roll currently stands at 14, with a small but evenly mixed group of ages and genders providing a unique, but effective learning experience for the children in our rural community.

The children start their education at the age of 3, in the Nursery/Pre-School area of the school. Education is provided week days, during school term times, 9.15am - 11.45am, by a resident, Early Years Worker. There are currently 2 children in Pre-School/Nursery.

Once a child reaches 4 or 5 years of age, he/she starts Primary Education. There are currently 14 pupils in Primary 1-7.

Throughout their 7 years of Primary Education at Rousay Primary School, the pupils' learning is further enchanced with lessons in Art, Drama, Music and Physical Education provided by specialist teachers, who regularly travel from the mainland of Orkney. Primary 4-7 pupils also regularly receive specialist tuition in Fiddle (Violin), although this is optional. In addition, a 6-week swimming block usually occurs annually, during which all pupils travel to the swimming pool on the Mainland of Orkney, once a week, to learn this important skill.

The School holds an annual Sports Day event in June, and shows an annual Christmas Concert in December.

The school operates a blog - click here to view it.

The School was awarded a Silver Eco-School Award in May 2010, and the pupils are currently working towards the next and top level, 'Green Flag'. The award follows on from the forming of an Eco-Schools Committee by the pupils in March 2009. Click here to see the 'Rousay Eco Schools Group' Blog.

The pupils also operate a 'Rousay School Woodland' Blog - click here to view it.

The Primary School day starts at 9.15am, and ends at 3.05pm. A majority of the pupils are entitled to free school transport. Pupils from Wyre and Egilsay can travel to the Primary School daily, via both ferry and school bus.

After completing Primary Education, pupils travel daily to the Mainland of Orkney, in order to go to Secondary School at either Kirkwall Grammar School or Stromness Academy.

There are currently 11 pupils in secondary education from our three islands.

Orkney Islands Council's Papdale Halls of Residence is able to provide the opportunity for secondary pupils to stay overnight on the Mainland, during the school week, should they wish to do so, although pupils make use of the excellent free transport connections to get to and from school every day.

The Healthy Living Centre is located within the school, while various meetings, dances and other events are often held in the building.

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