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Raft Race 2011 Winners

A Viking Direct-themed raft won the 2011 Raft Race, held today, Saturday, as part of the islands' annual Regatta and Watersports.

The winning team, consisting of David Farquhar, Richard Koster, Ted Leader, and Michael Taylor continued on from last year's success which had seen them win with thier 'Thunderbird 2' raft.

This year's race saw just three competitors, as a further raft pulled out immediately prior to the race. The participants competed to get their rafts from Rousay Pier to Wyre Pier and back again.

The 'Drunken Dragon' came in second, while the builder's of last year's 'Shrek' raft were the last team in with thier Viking-themed effort.

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20:08 25/06/2011