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RHS Show this Saturday

The Rousay Horticultural Society's Annual Show is to be held this Saturday, 1 August, but it's not too late to prepare your entries!

Numerous prizes and trophies will be awarded across a number of categories, covering a wide range of skills and interests.

Children are always encouraged to enter, with 'Decorated Gingerbread Men', 'Cress-Head Person' and others among the Childrens' Section, although children may also enter the many other categories.

For visiting adults and children, there are specific sections to enter.

For each entry, points will be awarded to the entrant's home district, which for the first time includes the islands of Egilsay and Wyre. They will hope to clinch the District Shield from last year's winners, Wester.

18:42 Tues 28/07/2009