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RHS Show 2008 results

The annual RHS Show 2008 was held on Saturday 2nd August 2008, at Rousay Primary School.

The Children's section was impressive, particularly the vegetable figures, with Duncan Hull's being judged the best of the bunch. Annie Mainland was the winner of the Hume Cup, with the most points in the primary school section, while Samantha Marwick accumulated the most points in the secondary section.

There was an array of vegetables on show, including some juicy-looking tomatoes shown by Ronald Mainland, which were judged to be the best exhibit in the whole section.

Anne Kovachich did incredibly well, accumulating the most points, not just for her district of Sourin, but overall.

The District Shield went to Wester once again, with 5.6 points per head of population. Frotoft came second with 2.8 points per head, Sourin third with 2.3, while Brinian finished bottom with just 0.4. Egilsay put in such a good showing, largely thanks to Jackie McInnes, that it may be considered eligible for the District Shield from next year.

There was a good return in the Tattie-in-a-Bucket competition. Bill Murray's time at the top came to an end, as he dropped to third. The top two spots were occupied by Egilsay's Chris and Gregg Cox respectively. The heaviest crop came in at a massive 7lb 7oz, with one tattie weighing in at 1lb! Egilsay's Jordan Basford was the Under-16 with the heaviest crop, which won him a prize and the Cormack Cup.

For photos of the show, please click here.

Below is the full set of results:

Section 1 - Textile Crafts
Section 2 - Handicrafts
Section 3 - Children's
Section 4 - Dairy and Preserves
Section 5 - Vegetables & Fruit
Section 6 - Flowers
Section 7 - Baking
Tattie-in-a-Bucket competition

RHS show 2008 - Results

Section 1:
Textile Crafts

1. Headwear:

1. Anne Grieve; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Jackie McInnes and Shelagh Grieve

2. Footwear:
1. Shelagh Grieve

1. Article in fine thread:

1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Shelagh Grieve

1. Article in wool/yarn:
1. Shelagh Grieve

Article made from recycled material:

1. Anne Kovachich

1. Tapestry:

1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Jenny Mainland

2. Cross-Stitch:
1. Jackie McInnes; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Anne Grieve

Best Exhibit in Section 1 : Anne Kovachich (Chochet article in fine thread)

Most points in Section 1: Anne Kovachich

Section 2:

Handicrafts A:

Greetings Card (own design, hand made):

1. Jackie McInnes; 2. Chris Glen; 3. Sallie Hume

Photograph - Marine Theme:

1. Max Fletcher; 2. Ian Glen; 3. Liz Firth

1. Gordon Kovachich; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Eddie Firth

Amusing Photograph with Caption:
1. Max Fletcher; 2. Eddie Firth; 3. Jenny Mainland

Handicrafts B:

Carving or Modelling in any medium:

1. Sallie Hume; 2. Jackie McInnes

Something New from Something Old:
1. Jackie McInnes; 2. Chris Glen; 3. Anne Kovachich

Most points in Section 2: Jackie McInnes

Section 3:


Decorated Flower Pot:

1. Isla Garson

Thumb print picture:
1. Tilly Baker; 2. Frankie Baker; 3. Bruce Baker and Isla Garson

Primary 1, 2 and 3:

Decorated Flower Pot:

1. Andrew Garson; 2. Duncan Hull

Animal or person made from vegetables:
1. Duncan Hull; 2. Max Baker; 3. Leuis Baker and Andrew Garson

Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7:

Decorated Flower Pot:

1. Annie Mainland; 2. Ellie Cass; 3. David Tipper

Animal or person made from vegetables:
1. Annie Mainland; 2. Douglas Hull



1. Samantha Marwick

1. Samantha Markwick

Favourite artwork from school:
1. Samantha Marwick

Visiting Children:

Decorated Flower Pot:

1. Bethany Dagnall

Animal or person made from vegetables:
1. Bethany Dagnall

Best figure made from vegetables:Duncan Hull

Most points in Primary section:Annie Mainland

Most points in Secondary section:Samantha Marwick

Most points in Visiting Children section:Bethany Dagnall

Most points, 12-21 years:Samantha Marwick

Section 4:
Dairy and Preserves


Six Hen's Eggs:

1. Doreen Taylor (Special Prize: Best Eggs); 2. Irene Mainland; 3. Shelagh Grieve


Chunky Marmalade:

1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Carol Rae; 3. Eivor Cormack

Strawberry Jam:
1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Eivor Cormack; 3. Chris Glen

Cooked Chutney:
1. Chris Glen; 2. Irene Mainland; 3. Bob Trigg

Home Brew:
1. Bob Trigg

Best in Dairy and Preserves:
Anne Kovachich (Chunky Marmalade)

Most points in Section 4: Anne Kovachich

Section 5:
Vegetables & Fruit



1. Doreen Taylor; 2. Mark Hull; 3. Ronald Mainland

1. Eddie Firth (Special Prize: Best Cauliflower); 2. Shelagh Grieve

1. Eddie Firth

1. Callum Flaws; 2. Ronald Mainland; 3. Eivor Cormack

1. Ronald Mainland; 2. Eddie Firth

1. Eivor Cormack; 2. Ronald Mainland; 3. Shelagh Grieve

1. Mark Hull; 2. David Basford

1. Ronald Mainland

Any Herb:
1. Mark Hull; 2. Eivor Cormack; 3. Ronald Mainland


Potatoes - round, white:
1. David Basford; 2. Nick Gould; 3. Muriel Marwick

Potatoes - long, white:
1. Doreen Taylor; 2. Shelagh Grieve; 3. Ronald Mainland

Potatoes - round, coloured:
1. Ronald Mainland

Potatoes - long, coloured:
1. Muriel Marwick; 2. Ronald Mainland; 3. Robert Cormack


Container of vegetables - 1 each of 5 varieties:
1. Callum Flaws; 2. Eddie Firth; 3. David Basford

Container of Traditional Vegetables - 2 potatoes, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 1 cabbage:
1. Ronald Mainland; 2. Shelagh Grieve; 3. Eddie Firth


1. Robert Cormack; 2. Shelagh Grieve

1. Angus Firth; 2. Kathryn Marwick

1. Mark Hull; 2. Liz Firth; 3. Robert Cormack

Any Fruit Not on Schedule:
1. Angus Firth (Raspberries); 2. Robert Cormack (Red Berries); 3. Anne Kovachich (Cape Goosberries)

Best Potatoes overall:
David Basford (Round, White)

Best Container overall:
Callum Flaws (1 each of 5 varieties)

Best Exhibit in Section 5:Ronald Mainland (Tomatoes)

Most points in Section 5: Ronald Mainland

Section 6:

Pot Plants:

Any Pot Plant Not on Schedule:

1. Liz Firth

Floral Arrangements:

Side table arrangement containing something from the shore:
1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Liz Firth; 3. Eivor Cormack

Tall arrangement:
1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Eivor Cormack

Arrangement using at least 3 different types of grasses:
1. Eivor Cormack

Cut flowers - Annuals:

Sweet Peas:

1. Eivor Cormack; 2. Mark Hull; 3. Liz Firth

1. Anne Grieve; 2. Muriel Marwick; 3. Mark Hull

Annual Not on Schedule:
1. Eivor Cormack; 2. Anne Grieve; 3. Muriel Marwick

6 kinds of Annuals in a Vase:
1. Mark Hull

Cut flowers - Perennials:


1. Mark Hull; 2. Eivor Cormack

1. Anne Kovachich; 2. Mark Hull

Flowering Shrub:
1. Mark Hull; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Jackie McInnes

Perennial Not on Schedule:
1. Muriel Marwick; 2. Eivor Cormack; 3. Mark Hull

6 kinds of Perennials in a Vase:
1. Eivor Cormack; 2. Mark Hull; 3. Liz Firth

Best Pot Plant: Liz Firth

Most points in Section 6: Mark Hull

Section 7:

Plain Baking:

Flour Bannock:

1. Kathryn Marwick

White Loaf - oven baked:
1. Liz Firth; 2. Nick Gould; 3. Anne Kovachich

Speciality Loaf of your choice, cooked in a Bread Maker:
1. Irene Mainland; 2. Rachael and Vincent Baker; 3. Liz Firth

Oven Scones:
1. Kathryn Marwick; 2. Liz Firth; 3. Jock Bodman

Large Cakes:

Rich Fruit Cake:

1. Evelyn ?; 2. Jackie McInnes; 3. Anne Kovachich

Carrot Cake, with topping:
1. Chris Glen; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Kathryn Marwick

Victoria Sponge, filled with jam and dusted with icing sugar:
1. Doreen Taylor; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. John Garson

Small Cakes:

Ginger Biscuits:

1. Sallie Hume; 2. Doreen Taylor; 3. Chris Glen

1. Doreen Taylor; 2. Anne Kovachich; 3. Evelyn Marwick

Raisin Rhapsody:
1. Doreen Taylor; 2. Anne Kovachich

Most points in show overall: Anne Kovachich

District Shield:

1. Wester - 141 points - 5.6 points per head of population
2. Frotoft - 174 points - 2.8 points per head of population
3. Sourin - 159 points - 2.3 points per head of population
4. Brinian - 21 points - 0.4 points per head of population

Person with most points in their district:

- Shelagh Grieve
Frotoft - Eivor Cormack
Sourin - Anne Kovachich
Brinian - Callum Flaws

Egilsay - Jackie McInnes


1. Chris Cox - 7lb 7oz
2. Gregg Cox - 7lb 1oz
3. Bill Murray - 4lb 13.5oz

Under 16s - Tattie-in-a-Bucket (Cormack Cup):

Jordan Basford - 3lb 9.3oz

18:31 Sat 02/08/2008