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Rousay Horticultural Society Mini-Show 2007 - Results

Loaf - Nick Gould (1st)

Gingerbread - Clem Manson (1st)

Homebrew - Bob Trigg (1st)

Chutney - Jackie McInnes (1st)

Jam - Bob Trigg (1st)

Greetings Card - Ingrid Melin (1st)

Knitted Article - Jackie McInnes (1st)

Sewn Article - Francis Roebuck (1st); Solveig Melin (Special Prize)

Any Crocheted Article - Francis Roebuck (1st)

Miniture Garden (Pre-School) - Duncan Hull (1st); Georgina Taylor (2nd)

Miniture Garden (Primary 1 - 3) - Tamara Taylor (1st); Douglas Hull (2nd)

Flower Arrangement - Emma Melin (1st)

Best Potatoes - Francis Roebuck (1st)

Container of 5 veg. - Eddie Firth (1st)

Photo with Amusing Caption - Robbie Firth (1st)

Conventional Photo - Jackie McInnes (1st)

Digital Photo - Jackie McInnes (1st)

Tattie-in-a-Bucket - Bill Murray, 6lbs 6oz (1st)

17:46 Sat 04/08/2007