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Development Trust appoints Powerdown Officer

Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust has appointed a new Community Powerdown Officer; Rousay resident, Michelle Koster.

Koster's role for the next two years, will be to help the community to live more sustainably, concentrating on the areas of: Fuel Poverty; Community Gardening; Recycling and Waste Management; and Community Transport.

One of her first tasks is to organise a "Seedling Exchange", where those who have extra seedlings could put them to good use, by sharing them with others on the islands, who may like to try growing their own fruit and vegetables. If you have never sown or planted anything before, the Development Trust would be delighted to get you started. Who knows, you may even enter a winner in the annual Rousay Horticultural Show!

Meanwhile, the Development Trust has now been granted charitable status. Amongst many other benefits, the Trust can now accept donations without encountering huge taxation problems.

10:08 Thurs 30/04/2009