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Disruption to Ferry Services to start this month

Disruption to a number of ferry services is to start soon, as the M.V. Eynhallow begins using the temporary ramp recently constructed at Tingwall.

With the temporary ramp in use, repairs to the normal hard ramp can commence. The disruption caused by the repairs at Tingwall is expected to last for approximately six weeks.

With tidal constraints resulting in 'Passenger Only' services at certain times, Orkney Ferries has released a special timetable (below). The first service to be affected will be on Tuesday 20 April, when a Passenger Only service will operate from Tingwall at 0820. This affects the 0745 sailing from Rousay, as well as the 0710 sailing from Egilsay and the 0730 from Wyre, with vehciles unable to disembark the ferry on arrival at Tingwall.

Passenger Only Services in April 2010
Date Tingwall Departure
Times Affected
Departure Times of Ferries when
vehicles can't disembark at Tingwall
Tues 20 April 0820 0710 Egilsay; 0730 Wyre; 0745 Rousay
Fri 23 April 1150 1115 Rousay
Mon 26 April 1445; 1605 1335 Egilsay; 1355 Wyre; 1410 Rousay;
1520 Rousay; 1530 Wyre
Tues 27 April 1445; 1605 1335 Egilsay; 1355 Wyre;
1410 Rousay; 1520 Rousay; 1530 Wyre
Weds 28 April 1605 1520 Rousay; 1530 Wyre
Thurs 29 April 1605; 1805 1520 Rousay; 1530 Wyre;
1655 Egilsay; 1715 Wyre; 1730 Rousay
Fri 30 April 1805 1655 Egilsay; 1715 Wyre; 1730 Rousay

For the full timetable, please visit the Orkney Ferries website. Expected affected ferries throughout May will be listed on the Around Rousay website soon.

Repairs to the ramps at Egilsay and Rousay are scheduled to begin at a later date.

16:33 Fri 09/04/2010