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International Energy Students return to Rousay

Students from the University of Flensburg in Germany are returning to Rousay next week, following their recent visit.

The eleven students, currently studying towards a Masters Degree in 'Sustainable Energy Systems and Management', were required to conduct field research into a 'real-world' issue, whilst in a Scottish community, as part of their studies.

After surveying households on Rousay, the group has now completed its analysis of the cost of transport and freight to those living on the island, the results of which can be seen in a presentation by the students on Saturday 20 March, at Rousay Primary School, 3.30pm, which all residents are encouraged to attend.

The group is immensely varied in nationalities, with the students Energy Professionals in their respective countries: Bangladesh; Bhutan; Columbia; Ethiopia; Ghana; Indonesia; Nepal; Peru; Venezuela; and Vietnam.

19:04 Fri 12/03/2010