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Power Outage on Rousay on Thursday

Some parts of Rousay are scheduled to spend the day without power on Thursday (8 September).

In order to connect Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust's new Community Wind Turbine to the grid, a power outage will be required. Households within the power outage area should have now received a letter from Scottish Hydro informing them that they will be affected.

In an effort to minimise the disruption caused by the power outage, the Development Trust has sourced a limited number of generators, available for those who "desparately need power" on the day. Those who are interested in borrowing a generator from the Trust, must contact the Trust's Office (01856 821229) to make the necessary arrangements.

Once connected, the turbine will begin producing electricity which is expected to generate a £2.7 million Community Trust Fund over the next 20 years. The turbine is already contributing to local employment opportunities, with two part-time 'Turbine Responders' currently being sought.

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20:22 05/09/2011