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Report on transport costs published by International Students

Students from the University of Flensburg, in Germany, have published a report on the cost of transport on Rousay, Eday and Kirkwall.

The eleven students, as part of their 18-month, Energy and Environmental Management Master of Engineering course, travelled to the islands of Eday and Rousay in March, surveying residents on both of the islands.

The report compares the cost of transport to the residents of Eday and Rousay, as well as the main town of Kirkwall.

The report concludes that transport costs in Rousay are, on average, higher than those in Eday, although it suggests that this is because Rousay residents travel to the mainland of Orkney more frequently than the residents of Eday. In addition, most from Rousay need some form of transport on arrival at Tingwall Ferry Terminal, to travel to the main towns, such as Kirkwall, whereas Eday's ferry service travels direct to Kirkwall, thus lessening the need for further transport. Naturally, transport costs for residents of Kirkwall are lower than that of Eday and Rousay.

Interestingly, however, the report reveals that 25% of households in Eday come under "transport poverty", compared with the slightly lower, 22% in Rousay. Households prone to "transport poverty" are defined as those spending more than 8.3% of their total household income on transport - suggesting that, on average, Rousay residents earn more than their Eday counterparts.

The report looks at several solutions to the high costs, including the construction of a bridge between Rousay and the mainland of Orkney - an idea that was subsequently disregarded due to the lengthly estimated payback period of 192 years.

Recommendations suggested for Rousay, include:

  • more reliable public transport links between Kirkwall and Tingwall
  • reduced prices at the local shop, particularly on meat products
  • the introduction of an LNG ferry, which would emit less pollutants than the current ferry.

The full report can be viewed here.

10:52 Fri 23/04/2010