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A public bus service operates every Thursday, 7am-7pm, on the island of Rousay.

This is an ideal opportunity for: going to the Shop, Post Office or Ferry Terminal; viewing the many historic sites on the island; or for just visiting friends, etc - all for the price of a standard bus fare! Concessionary card holders are entitled to FREE or discounted travel as applicable, on presentation of a valid card.

As this is an on-demand service, booking is essential - simply telephone 01856 821360 by 7pm the Wednesday before travel to book. Bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. The service operates as near to booking requests as possible, although connections to and from ferries are given priority.

Below is a map of Rousay, with the route coloured according to the zones detailed further below:

Fare Structure (Adult Single):

DISTRICT (ZONE) Sourin (1) Brinian (2) Frotoft (3) Westside (4) Wester (5)
Sourin (1) £0.70 £1.40 £2.10 £2.10 £1.40
Brinian (2) £1.40 £0.70 £1.40 £2.10 £2.10
Frotoft (3) £2.10 £1.40 £0.70 £1.40 £2.10
Westside (4) £2.10 £2.10 £1.40 £0.70 £1.40
Wester (5) £1.40 £2.10 £2.10 £1.40 £0.70

For example, if the departure point is in Brinian (Zone 2), and the destination is within Westside (Zone 4), then the Single Fare for an Adult, would be £2.10. The Return Fare in this example would be £3.15, while Children would be priced at £1.05 (Single) and £1.60 (Return).

Return Fare is 1.5 times the relevant Single Fare.

Children aged 16 years old and under will be half of the relevant Adult Fare, with children under 5 years of age travelling for FREE.

The public bus service accepts certain concessionary cards:

Concessionary Travel Cards for Older and Disabled People (Scotland) entitle the holder to FREE travel on presentation of a valid card. To request a card, please contact your local authority.

The Scotland-wide Concessionary Travel Scheme for Young People entitles 16-18 year olds and young full-time volunteers to one-third off the Adult Fare. The discount will be applied on presentation of a valid card. A card for this scheme can be obtained from your local authority, or your secondary school may automatically arrange for you to receive a card.